Here is some background information to give this weird blog a bit of perspective:

I am from the U.S. (SO many mixed identity emotions), but I currently live with my in-laws (more mixed emotions) in a glorious [i.e. shit] city that is somewhat inconveniently located in the center of Chile. I am married to a perfectly curly-haired, Chilean commercial diver who works twenty-two days in the middle of the ocean, and then has 18 days of free time. I am technically a stepmother, but after an atrocious and traumatic custody battle that we started in 2015, we have been completely manipulated away from my stepdaughter (trust me, that’s all you’ll want to hear about that). I am the dog loving mommy to our once-homeless, orange cat, Dexter (like the serial killer, not the Poin), and the scardey cat has become quite the source of comic relief in our lives. I teach English part-time to students of all ages at a quirky little institute in town. I enjoy reading, cursing, baking, eating, nature, laughing, travelling, coffee, and trying anything at least once. I constantly struggle with an internal battle between: a. trying to fool myself into loving exercise, and b. grief bacon (kummerspeck in German). I have recently taken up attempting meditation and self-love, but mind wandering and cellulite just aren’t letting up.  I have some really bizarre anxiety, and I love life; weirdness and all.

So, this blog is about those wonderfully awkward moments that we live and looking at them as the hilarious little blunders that they are. There will likely be some bla bla about books, movies, current events, my cat, expat life and living in another language, making food, eating food, uncomfortable social interactions, and whatever awkward silver linings I can squeeze out of life.