What do we have?

Three years of marriage, and what do we have to show for it? We have no house, little money, and no kids to show off on facebook like everyone else our age. Your job takes you far away every fifteen days, and I am alone here in this sad excuse for a city.

So, what do we have?

You have the unique gift of righting every wrong in this world; one hug fixes everything. Absolutely everything.
And you have a particular look when you take in all of my imperfections; a silly smile always followed by a kiss, as if my flaws were chocolates.
You have a laugh that tickles me in all the right places, so tickling you is my favorite game…      And though you tell me not to, somehow you have the patience not to hate me when I do anyway. That patience can get us through it all.
You have a song for everything, and we make little dances to them wherever we go. We’ll go everywhere, don’t you know?
Your heart is so big that I crawl inside it every night, cuddling each little bit of you. Even from afar, I call it home.

You are magic, my love, and I have you. And I have everything.


Search for Happiness: A Dream

All at once and without explanation, just as in my dreams, the sun and moon began to dance in circles through the sky. With precise intensity, the spinning painted patterns in my vision, distracting me from the uneven beating of my heart.

My father came to stand by my side and brace us both for whatever was about to come, and my dog barked timidly outside, looking in at us from time to time. His restless prancing made it clear that he was also bracing himself against some force that even nature seemed to be unaware of.

The beams and swirls of light started devouring any empty blue spaces left in the sky, and the orbs that I once recognized as sun and moon were now, in my line of vision, larger than a house, than a hotel, than a skyscraper…

In the distance, families were running through the trees like wild animals with no direction but away. Deer flew past them in their elegant way, and for a second I could almost hear them laugh at the awkward jaunt of humanity.
My world disappeared without a sound.

My eyes struggled to recover from the blast, but once they did I saw small specks of white slowly fall to the ground, as if paint were peeling off of a ceiling that had been stared at too long. The sky began to return to a state of baby blue bliss as the specks kept falling until they conspired to be snow.

The families that had once been fleeing the unknown, were now frolicking and floating between glittering trees and ice. Fear matured into freedom, and families became forest.

I turned to my father to read his reaction, and his stare was blank. We seemed immune to the bubbly aftermath of change. Even my dog seemed confused by nature’s fluke. We were three faint smiles pasted against a white backdrop, and our confusion lingered long after the snow stopped falling.

Carefully, as if every surface were made of ice, we walked towards the happiness in hopes of understanding. My dog walked before us in his protective nature, and we took our time to get there. After all, no one knows what they will find when they are searching for happiness.